Are you Alert Ready? If not – here’s a tip. — Dave D Garand (@DaveInOrleans) June 2, 2019 With another tornado ripping through Ottawa yesterday, many people found they didn’t get the alert on their mobile phones, or got it too late. Perversely, a lot of people far from the affected area did get the alert. The Alert Ready website indicates that in order […]

March Update

Wow things have been happening! Apologies for the late update, but we’d just like to mention that service is up and running all the way out to the end of Kidd Road, with a lot of homes connected along the way. Our crew has been working tirelessly deploying cables and splicing fibres throughout the cold […]

December update

This will be the month of light and we will be officially starting to bring some zones online next week! With several PON segments online and active, the splicing crew is completing connections into the main trunk lines from the drops we have installed through out the area. As this happens, we are able to […]

Light on the Fibre!

We now officially have light on some of the Fibre strands to zones and are working to finalize installations. If you have had a tech visit your location and run cable / install a box similar to the picture below, expect to hear from us shortly to get you online. There are a few test […]

November Update

As most of you have been waiting for services, so have we. Originally when we released our timelines, a commitment was made to us to provide the wholesale access to our Primary uplink. Presently that commitment has been shifted twice now. We will have a better understanding of where things reside come Tuesday, November 6th […]

October Update

We wanted to give a quick update to let everyone know the current situation for the Beckwith Project. This week we are working on completing optical testing to ensure line integrity is ready on Glenashton, Dewar, Amberwood and then on to Crooked Rd and Kidd road. Unfortunately the Tornado did cause a few setbacks for […]

We can see the light!

This is a long overdue update that we are excited to broadcast.  We have had some bumpy roads along the way with being able to bring fast and reliable internet service to the rural community of Beckwith.  Circumstances out of our control caused several setbacks that unfortunately made us miss our initial timelines.  We are […]

First Fibre Pulls for CCV

The first fibre pulls along Dwyer Hill and inside of CCV took place this week! Here are a few photos of the work and the results… Yes, it’s actually happening!

CCV completion now in sight!

For the past 6 months, the Community Fibre crew has been busy working on the CCV project along Dwyer Hill and inside the Country Club Village subdivision. This project is by far the most complicated undertaking we could have tackled, with plenty of hard lessons learned in the process. Much of the complexity arose from […]