CCV completion now in sight!

For the past 6 months, the Community Fibre crew has been busy working on the CCV project along Dwyer Hill and inside the Country Club Village subdivision. This project is by far the most complicated undertaking we could have tackled, with plenty of hard lessons learned in the process. Much of the complexity arose from the fact that almost all of the streets within CCV are curved, with few straight stretches. This resulted in much more work than originally anticipated, as each corner pole needs a down guy to an anchor to balance out the load placed on the pole by our strand and fibre. Owing to an engineering decision for the project, we also had to install new anchors for each of those corner poles, with almost all of those anchors in solid rock. There are also numerous poles with woodpecker damage that required additional make ready work. The Community Fibre crew focused almost entirely on make ready from February through April. Since then, strand installation progress has been steadily increasing and is now nearing completion. Our goal for this week is to pull the first fibre along Dwyer Hill, which feels like pretty amazing progress! Stay tuned as things move into the next phase!