March Update

Wow things have been happening! Apologies for the late update, but we’d just like to mention that service is up and running all the way out to the end of Kidd Road, with a lot of homes connected along the way. Our crew has been working tirelessly deploying cables and splicing fibres throughout the cold winter weather of January and February. Sure, a cold winter does slow things down a little, but the gusty wind we had was incredibly difficult to work through. Splicing fibres is a tedious, delicate task, however we kept going and now have dozens of families online with Gigabit fibre-optic internet, and more getting lit up online every day! Several other areas are in the pipeline and we’ll be announcing those plans soon.

If you’re not yet online with us, please drop by our friends over at the Ashton Brewing Company Pub. We’ve got them plugged into our super fast fibre-backed WiFi – which is also now available in the village, with even more homes scheduled to come online this month! More permits are in the pipeline for April – expect to see several zones along Cemetery flipped to construction soon.

Finally – we’re hiring! The demand for our service has been so delightfully grants, that Community Fibre is looking to hire a in-home installers to help accelerate our deployment. Please have a look over at for more details.