November Update

As most of you have been waiting for services, so have we. Originally when we released our timelines, a commitment was made to us to provide the wholesale access to our Primary uplink. Presently that commitment has been shifted twice now. We will have a better understanding of where things reside come Tuesday, November 6th and will update this post that evening.

The segment that needs to be completed in Ashton is not a major stop gap as we do have an alternative route to take if need be, however with our main delay we are working with Hydro Ottawa to implement the best route in / through Ashton instead of alternatives.

Our crew continues to do house installations as well as Fibre path installations for other zones. For those who have signed up and haven’t had the house portion done, your name is on the list and our install crew will be in touch as they move from house to house.

Again, not the news we were hoping for as we were expecting to be online at this point, however we are continuing to get this going and will provide service as soon as possible.


While the wholesale backhaul connection for the Ashton and Beckwith area was installed in October, activating the service has encounter a couple of small setbacks. Currently we are hopefully that the last issue has been identified and a path to resolution is in place. For those wondering, there appears to be a defective piece of equipment between our facilities and the end point where our servers are situated. This link is not under Community Fibre’s control so we had to wait for the investigation to complete. The defective part is expected to be repaired this week so that we can move forward and get the show on the road!

Once the link is repaired, there will be 2 days of testing to complete prior to the circuit being brought into service. This will “burn in” the link to ensure there is no further errors being injected into the stream.

We are extremely close to being able to activate service for the first customers in the Ashton area. We anticipate having a significant portion of the network brought online in November, and are continuing to complete installs at homes every day.