RC8 September Update

It’s been great meeting everyone in the community over the past few weeks, especially the kind offers of water and reprieve from the late summer’s heat! What a nice change from July, and just in time for Thanksgiving, more seasonal (but still pleasant) weather is upon us.

While going door-to-door, we’ve been listening to your feedback, and we’re heeding your input by adjusting our service-offering to make things easier – or easier to understand, for everyone.

In 2016, mobile device Internet usage surpassed computer/PC/laptops. More people than ever are using their phones and tablets for accessing the Internet, that’s why we’re including WiFi with all residential connections – so you can can connect how you want to. Of course you’re welcome to setup your own router of choice. With some larger homes, we’ll work with you provide an competitively priced network to ensure full coverage of your home. Our business is building Internet, not in selling hardware, but we do buy a lot of equipment – so we can pass our bulk-purchasing savings on to you.

Next – we’re introducing a price-matching policy. In some areas we’re the first kids on the block, but we know that might not always be the case, and it looks like we’ve already triggered some competition. In plain English, we will match the written pricing of any offer of equivalent Fibre-to-the-Home based Internet access service – and then beat it by 10%! This offer will remain available to you for as long as you are a customer of Community Fibre. We want and need your business, and we’re willing to do what it takes to get it, keeping you a happy part of our community for a long time to come.

Finally, we have to admit a small oversight with regards to term-contracts: families change and move to new homes. Would you believe that we just didn’t think of this when designing our dreaded legalese?! Ooops. Many of you asked about Early-Term cancellation implications, and how that might cause a problem should you sell your home to someone else. To explain transparently: it costs an average of $1000 per home to install the outside infrastructure to serve you, never mind the inside gear. When you commit to the 36 month term, this helps ensure we have a solid market to support the business – something important to us, our investors, and the community we serve. With that in mine, we’re establishing a cancellation charge of $30/mo for the remainder of your 3 year contract, and to assure you this isn’t a punitive fee – that balance will be waived if you remain a Community Fibre customer, or hand your contract over to the next owner/resident of the house.

Closing comments from the Owner of the Community Fibre Company, Benjamin LaHaise:

I believe in providing excellent Internet service and customer support at a fair price. Your subscription enables us expand service to other rural areas throughout Mississippi Mills and Lanark County. Far too many companies only focus on serving the low-hanging fruit of big-city customers, while folks living in rural areas suffer for decades from a complete lack of competitive services.

To the community living on and around Ramsay Concession 8, I ask for your continuing and faithful support. The more customers we have along RC8, the sooner we can grow our community to RC7, Wolf Grove Road and Blakeney. We’re 100% committed to building out service along RC8, and will continue to provide a competitive service for decades to come.

All the best.

– Ben

Watch this space – our next update is coming soon, and we’ve got lots of cool behind-the-scenes stuff to show you, although we promised that we wouldn’t put any pictures of the iPhone Roger smashed in the upcoming post… so instead we’re putting it here 🙂