We can see the light!

This is a long overdue update that we are excited to broadcast.  We have had some bumpy roads along the way with being able to bring fast and reliable internet service to the rural community of Beckwith.  Circumstances out of our control caused several setbacks that unfortunately made us miss our initial timelines.  We are deeply sorry for that.  We understand that there are many people who are frustrated with the situation and we are going to do our best to correct this matter!

Back in July we put out an update that had asked everyone to fill out a survey at https://communityfibre.servicezones.net/.  If you haven’t already, there is still time to head on over and get your survey in!  So far the responses from the community have been amazing and we are thankful you are still with us! The usefulness and design of this site will become more apparent in the next few days as we will be switching zones to the signup / construction phases.  What this means to you is that we will be able to now provide an accurate timeline on when services to that zone can be delivered!  Some of our major delays have recently been solved and we are now in a position to move forward quickly and efficiently.  The site will also better position us to provide realistic goals on how a potential zone can be serviced and the requirements on doing so.

Our first batch of ONU’s for the Beckwith project have arrived!  These little boxes encase you were wondering are what converts the fibre signal to a standard RJ45 connection that your existing router can use.


Some of you have also noticed, parts of the actual construction work has been happening throughout the area already.  This will allow us to be able to work more swiftly and efficiently in those zones when it comes time to flip them to the signup phase.  Our crews have been working on attaching the main fibre optic trunk lines and splice enclosures like the one seen here.


We are also excited to notify everyone that we have increased our team in an attempt to address the delays in responding to the many e-mails we get on a daily basis and to ramp up for installations.  We want to improve on our current time frames and are planning to have a response to e-mail inquiries within a 48 hour period.  This does not include service affecting requests as those will be handled with priority!  We do however recommend that if there is a service affecting issue, give us a direct call to avoid e-mail delay times.  As we further expand; these processes will be improved to better handle every situation.
Now for the big question of what everyone wants to know.  When will we be able to provide service?   Currently our main facility that will provide data transportation is under construction.  Construction will take approx 2-3 weeks and then we will be commencing our initial segment testing.  Provided that everything goes according to plan, we expect that a decent portion of the Community will be live and using the service by October!  More to come so stay tuned…